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KP Innovations is social design company that is currently serving consumers in the United States as well as Europe and Canada.

What is Social Design?

In digital marketing strategy, social media graphic design is essential for businesses. Well-crafted graphics play a crucial role in expanding reach, engaging the audience, and building brand awareness on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A successful social media banner design goes beyond aesthetics; it should align with the brand's visual identity and be optimized for each platform's unique size and format requirements. A compelling design incorporates a strong call-to-action, capturing viewers' attention and enhancing online visibility. Visually striking social media graphics help businesses establish and strengthen their brand identity, forge meaningful connections with their audience, and achieve marketing objectives by driving traffic, generating leads, and facilitating sales.



We are a full service web design company with years of experience, passion and willingness to cater the client needs. We have the proven expertise and professional team of qualified designers and developers.

  • Have clear goals

    Your content is directed to specific people: your target audience. You should always aim to impress and engage with this group. While the creative process of your content, you should thoroughly think about the message you are sending.

  • Keep up with trends

    The format of your post will depend on the social network you're targeting. Social media platforms now adapt their image specifications to user devices. Keep the format in mind at all times.

  • Short texts

    Experienced social media marketers are aware of Facebook's policy stating that text should not take up more than 20% of an ad image. In 2020, they lifted that ban. L limiting the amount of text in photos is still a good idea.

  • Respect the brand

    The most popular social media sites are free. Visual unity is a key aspect of standing out and setting your brand apart.  Remember that a brand guide is crucial if you want to build a strong presence. A brand guide is a selection of chosen fonts, color palettes, visual elements, logos, and graphics that represent a brand.

  • Keep it simple

    The majority of social media users prefer using these on their phones. A phone screen is considerably smaller than a desktop so don't fill your designs with unnecessary elements that will clutter the whole product. Keep it simple!

  • Keep up with trends

    Keeping up with the latest design trends is fundamental for any type of graphic designer. Social media has its own rules. Trends change and everyone must be aware. An example of this is memes. Almost every week a new meme template becomes popular.

It is 2024! Social Media is a MUST!

In a world where everybody and everything is on social media, you can't be the exception. Not only that, you need to stand out.