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KP Innovations is specialty design company that is currently serving consumers in the United States as well as Europe and Canada.

What is Specialty Design?

Specialized graphic design encompasses the creation of unique and unconventional visual content tailored for diverse media and applications. It involves crafting designs for packaging, textiles, signage, and other customized graphics that demand specialized knowledge and techniques. This form of graphic design often necessitates a profound understanding of materials, production methods, and printing processes to develop designs that marry aesthetics with functionality seamlessly. The expertise in specialty graphic design becomes particularly crucial in industries like fashion, food, and beverage, where the packaging and presentation significantly impact a product's success. In essence, excelling in specialty graphic design demands a heightened level of creativity, technical prowess, and meticulous attention to detail, making it a captivating and demanding niche within the broader field of graphic design.



We are a full service web design company with years of experience, passion and willingness to cater the client needs. We have the proven expertise and professional team of qualified designers and developers.

  • Serves As Protection

    Before arriving at brick-and-mortar shops, companies transport goods in different places—from the manufacturer, delivery vehicles, warehouses, and the retail store. During this time, the product is susceptible to dampness, breakage, heat, light, dust, and other factors. Most companies are also acknowledging locks, seals, and other packaging supplies to ensure the product’s security and cleanliness. That way, the product meets consumer expectations in terms of safety and reliability.

  • Provides Information

    Although different companies come up with their own designs, they adhere to one rule: present the necessary information and accurate labels on the packaging that defines the product. Packaging and labels should answer questions that consumers ask before purchasing the item.

  • Offers Convenience and Sustainability

    Consumers nowadays are mindful. They prefer functional and user-friendly packaging over single-use products. Environmentally-conscious buyers also choose packages that are recyclable and easy to use, handle, and stack.

    When planning for your product packaging, use environment-friendly and affordable packaging materials and KP Innovations has the connections to do so.

  • Differentiates Your Brand From Competitors

    As products are displayed on shelves according to their categories, the biggest challenge is to design unique and creative packaging that differentiates your product from competitors. Packaging that stands out has a higher chance of attracting customers and creating an identity.

  • Exudes Suspense and Excitement

    Other than choosing attractive packaging, people love suspense and excitement upon seeing product packaging. For some, complementing colors and playful fonts are not enough because they prefer a luxury finish that provides an element of theatre.

  • Contributes To The Boost of Sales

    Once these packaging elements are applied to your products, you’ll notice a boost to your sales in no time. As mentioned previously, prioritizing the customers’ needs and wants attracts and encourages them to purchase a product from your brand.

Design Forum Reviews

Product packaging doesn’t end with the colors and design, it has to be sturdy and provide accurate information to prevent misleading customers. Also, it should be convenient to use and sustainable and have a design that creates excitement for your buyers.

After designing the packaging, we view your product from a consumer perspective through our partner group forums. They provide feedback on designs if the packaging is attention-worthy and significant prior to official launch and production.

Get in touch and look forward to your business’s boost in sales, but don’t forget to innovate and improve your brand further.